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Heat Pump


Heat Pump Principle

Heat pump water heater is a new generation hot water equipment, it successfully applies reverse Carnot principle by using electric energy to drive heat pump, lo transfer the heat energy from environment to water.

Meat pump unit is mainly composed of four pans: compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve, it makes the liquid refrigerant complete the heat cycle of evaporation (absorb heal from the environment > — compression — condensation (heat release ) • throttle — re-evaporation, which will transfer the heat from environment to water.


How a Heal Pump Hot Water unit works?

• A refrigerator moves heat from inside the fridge to the outside - keeping the inside cold. A heat pump water heater uses the same principle in reverse. It transfers heat from outside air into a hot water tank.

• The outside air gets heated up by energy from the sun all ycai round. So even when the sun is not shining brightly, or it is the middle of winter, there is still solar heat energy in the air that is available for use.

• Heat pump systems only use electrical energy to 'move' the heat - they don't actually 'make' heat. This makes heat pump systems much more efficient (340%) than traditional electric or gas water heaters.



• How are heat pumps better than of Iut forms of heatini?

• Apart from being cheaper to run, heat pumps offer other benefits that heating only systems cannot.

• 1) Heat pumps don't bum oxygen or create stuffiness like open tires do. They are designed for all year round comfort, not just for four months during winter.

• 2) They produce low-density heat which is safer for children and elderly, unlike fires, oil filled or electric fan heaters.

• 3) They are unmatched for convenience and ease-of-use.

• 4) They do not pollute their atmosphere with the products of combustion, and they use ozone friendly refrigerant.

• All in all. heat pumps offer the !>est investment in home heating, and comfort as well as commercial purpose.


Case Study for Energy saving A Proof for Commercial Usage

Conclusion :-

Heat pump well deserved to replace ond start to give return of Investment within 9 months against Electric fired hot water unit Hent pump well deserved to replace anrt sturt to give return of Investment within 1 months agomst Diesel fired hot water unit He<it pump wefl deserved to replace and start to fiive return of Investment within 16 months against LPG fi'ed not water unit

Commercial Heat Pump Hot Water Unit

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